Nik Lone is an Australian singer/composer and music writer based in New York City. 


His composition life began in the duo 'Ethan Frome', which worked the small acoustic stages of his home town, Melbourne.  After a few years the duo expanded into a full band and took on the name ‘Goodnight Thomas’.  It was through this incarnation that the obscure a capella compositions from his teens evolved into the sound that would appear on his recordings.  An EP (‘Close’) was released in 2006, followed by a single 'Rosedust' in 2008. 


Some radio play and festival appearances followed and in late 2008, a solo tour of the USA was completed.  Inspired by the classical musicians that accompanied his USA shows, most of 2009 was spent penning a solo-long player, his first, titled 'These Pictures Won’t Tell You'.  Finding himself in the studios of Sydney and Melbourne with renowned engineers Tim Whitten (Powderfinger, Augie March), Hadyn Buxton (Trial Kennedy), a grand piano and a string quartet, the album was released in late 2011.  


As of 2012, Nik permanently relocated to New York City